Medicare Part A Does Not Equal Medicare Plan A

Medicare Part A Does Not Equal Medicare Plan A


When it comes to the advantage plans A, many get confused and some even believe that it is the same as Medicare part A. These two A-parts and plans are different on many levels and it is important for your health insurance as well as your pocket, to not confuse the two.

What is Medicare Part A?

Medicare part A covers inpatient care, such as services you would get while straying at a hospital, nursing facility home and care that you would get within your own home. If you or your spouse have been paying taxes for Medicare for over 10 years, the Medicare part A coverage will be free of charge. There are also several other criteria that would make you eligible for a free-of-charge Medicare Part A, such as being eligible for social security benefits at the age of 65, or if younger having social security benefits due to a disability for over 24 months. If none of the cases apply, Medicare Part A can also be “bought”, by paying monthly premium. What the rate will be will depend on your own situation. Those who have been paying taxes for Medicare for less than 30 quarters, have a standard premium of 422$. Those who have been paying taxes above the 30 quarters time period, get a less expensive premium rate of 232$. To have Medicare part A, in most cases, you would also need to get Medicare part B medical insurance.

What is Medicare (Advantage) Plan A?

A Medicare advantage plan, is health insurance you cannot get directly from Social Security. IT is a plan that is offered by private health insurance companies, as an addition to a Medical part A or/and Part B. As Medicare original parts A and B don´t really cover all of the expenses, advantage plans are offered by private health insurance companies to help fill in those gaps. What an original Medicare doesn´t pay, can be covered for by a advantage plan. Advantage plans cannot be bought separately, to be able to enroll into one of these you must have Medicare part A and/or B first.

Medicare advantage plan A will fill in the following gaps:

  • It will cover for coinsurance payments for in-hospital care, as Medicare part A doesn´t cover these costs to 100%
  • It will cover for any copayments or coinsurance expenses of Medicare part B
  • It will cover for the first thee pints of blood, which aren´t covered by Medicare Part A or B. The original Medicare part A or B cover only after the patient has paid for the first three pints of blood themselves
  • It will cover for coinsurance and copayment expenses of Medicare part A

As you can see, the Medicare advantage plan A is an addition to the Medicare original part A, and it covers for what the other one doesn´t. For many patients, it is easier and cheaper to pay for the advantage plan premium rate, rather than have to pay for these expenses out of their own pocket each time a health care service is required.


Do Not Miss the Deadline for Medicare Advantage Plan Enrollment

Do Not Miss the Deadline for 2019 Medicare Advantage Plan Enrollment


Medicare advantage plans are offered to those, who are already enrolled to a Medicare part A or part B. Only after enrolling to one of these plans first, will an insurance company be able to provide you with advantage plans. When it comes to the advantage ones, there are also some criteria you would have to take in consideration. In general, federal law only requires the companies to provide these services to citizens and legal residents who are 65 or older. To anyone younger than that, the company may or may not deny enrollment. Some states have therefore passed a legislation, requiring the health insurance companies to provide at least one advantage plans for those who are younger as well. In these cases, the health insurance company is allowed to look at your health state and previous or current conditions. Based upon this, the premium rate will be set. In some cases, although enrollment is available, it will be only at a very high premium cost, not making it rentable at all!

Here is why timing makes a difference

With all these criteria affecting the cost of your premium rate, many are left wondering if there are any tricks and tips on saving money. Timing is one of these tricks and indeed, there is a time considered to be best for enrollment. This is the time during your Medcare Open Enrollment. The open enrollment period is the period of 6 months, starting from the day when you turn 65. What makes this time period best, is that federal law requires the health insurance companies to enroll you to a plan, without looking at your health state and medical history first. If you have been only provided with high premium rates so-far, due to an existing condition, this time is the best to enroll as the rates are not allowed to be higher due to an existing condition. Missing this period of six months would bring you to the point you were at before turning 65. All the rights would disappear and the insurance companies will be allowed to charge you more or even fully deny you enrollment to one of their plans.

What also makes a difference

Apart from your age and in the above-mentioned cases, medical history, other influences may affect how much you would need to pay for a premium plan as well. One example is the area you live in. The same plans may cost different in different areas. This is, because, the health insurance companies mostly base the prices on what they believe the average citizen of that area can afford.  Some companies base the price upon your gender as well. As statistics show that women have an overall better health state, rates might be higher for men than for women. People who use tobacco and don´t have any health conditions due to it, might still need to pay more. In fact, in most cases they will, as health insurance companies charge up to 10% more those, who regularly consume any type of tobacco product.

The Easiest Ways to Take Precautions to Be Healthy!


There is no doubt in the fact that human beings are the only species who can self-treat the diseases no matter how major they are. But then again nowadays people are more than just health conscious.

They don’t want to fall sick in the first place and even if they do, they want to be fully prepared for it. And they must too. After all, this is something that is going to keep then healthy and fit.

There are only few things that can make sure that they are pursuing the path of the same. And that includes the Medicare Advantage plans as well.

The best ways to be healthy:

Following are some of the major ways that can help the people in remaining healthy for a longer period of time:

It might sound odd to the people that this is making first to the list, considering, we were talking about precautions. Believe us, when we say that nothing works better than this as a precaution.

Good Medicare Advantage plans make sure that we get treated and our bills are paid without us having to stress out on the same. No matter how much precaution people take, they can never be more careful.

And this is only why to pay the bills in case of any medical emergencies good Medicare Advantage plans are necessary.

  • Daily and regular exercise:

This is an old food in a new bowl. But in every step you must remind yourself of the same. You must necessarily understand that regular exercise is quite necessary for you. It will absolutely make sure that you are getting through with the best results in terms of the healthy lifestyle.

You must also remember that this is something that will help you save from the major problems that might occur to you as well.

  • Nutritious diet:

Yes, a well balanced and nutritious diet is equally necessary. Not too much and nor too little of food of any type can do you good. And this is exactly why you must consume food that is necessary for you. But not overdo the same.

This is another way of staying healthy and safe in the long run for sure. Also only a good professional can help you get through with the best results.

These are some of the best ways to be healthy. And of course, the Medicare Advantage plans are important for you not to forget.

When You Have Medicare Supplement Plans – Don’t Worry About the Out-Of-Pocket Cost


It is not always possible that you health stay fit for your entire life. Especially when you are in your late 60’s your health condition will decrease day by day. Whether you tried hard for your good health, conducting a good diet and exercise, it is natural. Your body may face some health issues at your old age.

To prevent serious health issues, one must go for a regular check-up, take medicine, and conduct clinical tests if any symptoms show. Doing every month or quarterly is very costly but health insurance policies got you under cover. Well designed and well maintained Medicare policies are beneficial for every person in your life.

Why is Medicare plan not the only solution to your health?

All Medicare plans may have covered all requirements you need but only 80% amount is payable by the insurance policy. Rest of the 20% amount has to pay for you.

There are some other issues like nurse care; foreign travel emergency can’t be coverable by Medicare plans.

How do you find the solution?

Medicare supplement plans can give you full satisfaction with your Medicare plans. Medigap are designed to give you entire solutions which are left in original Medicare plans.

It covers the remaining 20% of Medicare plans which previously was payable by you. These plans mainly cover coinsurance, copayment, and deductibles. In addition, they have foreign tour health security, first three pits blood used only for medical purpose etc.

What to do to get AARP Medicare supplement plans? Visit

  • First, you have to buy Medicare part A and part B plans.
  • The day you turn 65 you are eligible to apply for any of Medigap plan.
  • Consult with insurance policy advisor to understand better about the Medicare supplement plans.
  • Set your premium range and requirements before buying any of these policies.
  • Check your state insurance policies because each different state offers different policies rather than basic ones.

Some unknown facts about Medigap plans:

  • You can’t have Medigap plan if you have part C Medicare plan.
  • Patients under treatment of end-stage renal disease and amyotrophic lateral disease are not eligible.
  • Medicare supplement plans can only work with original Medicare plans (except C).
  • It doesn’t cover prescribed medicine cost.
  • If you have employer medical insurance then you don’t need to buy any Medigap plans.
  • It doesn’t pay the cost of hearing aid or eyeglasses.
  • If you miss the open enrolment session, you have to go under a medical inquiry to buy a policy.

How to Be Financially Savvy in Choosing Medicare Supplement Plans

Evaluating your health insurance is very important but during leisure times, like holidays, doing the evaluation could be difficult. Having agents calling you during your fun periods could be bothersome. For those who own a Medicare Supplement policy, it is important that what is being spent on their health insurance policy is being checked. It is important to save!

With the CAP acronym as a case study, what does it stand for? These are three features of Medical Supplement insurance that give a helping hand in evaluating your policy’s effectiveness. Starting with “C” which means carrier. First check what carrier your policy has. It is obvious that the Medigap has been well formed but it does not stop the different charge rates from place to place and zip codes. You should always have to consult different agents to be able to know what carrier your policy has.

The next letter which is “A” stands for Age of Policy. This is how long you have had your policy. Having a particular policy for over 20 years is not advisable because with each passing year, the price increases despite being in good health. Every few years, it is financially savvy to get your rates compared with other carrier rates in your zip code. After buying a  carrier, it is due to be charged after 3 to 5 years. Policy holders get into policies that are less competitive which makes them spend a lot a d unable to save. Make sure you don’t fall victim by asking around to be sure you obtain the ideal policy.

The last letter in the “CAP” which is “P” stands for Plan Type. Plan F is being highly purchased by policy holders because they think it has all they want not knowing about plan G which has all the coverage found in plan F apart from that it does not have the part B deductible. Switching from Plan F to Plan G helps policy holders as they are able to save a lot more  even with Part B deductible. With thus article, one would be full of information on how to evaluate one’s Medicare Supplement Policy and above all, the “CAP” acronym should be used while doing this evaluation so as to help one purchase the best policy.

However, this does not mean that we are the ones to decide for you the health care plan you need. Take for instance, Plan F can be very expensive and when you look at the coverage, you may not be excited to go for it. There are numerous firms that offer insurance in the country. It is your duty to be financially savvy when it comes to choosing your policy.

Ensure that you have done your homework first before picking a policy. The truth is that it is not every policy that is suitable for you.  Suitability is something that you should consider before you pick that juicy policy.

Your guide to select the best Medicare Advantage Plans

The Medicare Advantage Plans come as a wonderful solution to address the healthcare needs of the individuals over the age of 65 years.  However, it demands that you are choosing the right plan from the right provider so that you can get the maximum extent and scope of coverage, when you need it the most. This requires you to pick the most suitable plans, and in such instances, you need to give special attention on the points that are discussed in the paragraphs underneath.

There are chances for differences in the coverage, terms and conditions and the rate of premium

The Medicare Advantage Plans come from Private Insurance companies, approved by Medicare. These companies enjoy the complete liberty to design the terms & conditions for governing the policies, complying with the minimum service conditions, as set by Medicare. Likewise, the rate of premiums is decided by these parties, without any attempts of influences by Medicare. Hence, even if you are getting the same extent and scope of coverages, you might require paying a premium at different rates, compared to the rate paid by any other individual. For instance, even if a friend or relative of yours is enjoying the plans, coming for Zero Premium, you may not find such plans from your provider.

Likewise, if your provider decided to move out of the network, you will have to find a new provider, and in such instances, it is most likely that you will have to comply with a new set of regulations or pay premium at different rates.

Even the zero premium plans are likely to involve some indirect expenses

Even if you are lucky to find a plan for Zero premium, don’t be in the 7th heaven of happiness, as it is likely that these plans involve some elements of indirect expenses. For instance, it is likely that your plan involves provisions like deductibles, Co-payments and coinsurance that indirectly compels you to incur some expenses, before the policy comes to any of your significant benefit. Most importantly, even after getting these policies, you will have to go on paying the insurance premium for the Part  B coverage of the original Medicare plan.

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On the positive side, even after taking the Medicare Advantage Plans, you will continue to receive the benefits under the Part A and B of the original Medicare Plan. On the other hand, these plans extends additional benefits like coverage on prescription drugs as well as coverages on routine dental, hearing and vision care.